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Oil Executive Search was established in 2000 and since then we have successfully supported our clients to fill the gaps which could prevent them from achieving the strategic results, they have set for themselves.

The key part of any growth or progress is bringing in the right people. To hire the best, it is vital to attract the right candidates. Our aim is to find the right people, people who really can contribute to our clients’ success. We know how to attract the top talent to your company, and we look under every stone in our assignments.

We have both strategic and operational professional experience from leading positions which gives a solid platform to search for executives and specialists. Our offering is based on practical experience, competence, endurance, well-defined methods, and modern tools.

We have a well-established organization in the Nordics as well as corporation with strong executive search partners globally.

Who we are

Our vision

We connect people and companies to create long-term relationships. Companies that hire through Oil will get the best candidate, the candidate will get the best job with the best company.

Our mission

We walk the extra mile to attract the top talent to your company.


Nordic executive search

We understand your business environment and find the people you want to employ!
We search for both executives and specialists, mostly in business-driven roles. Since our beginning 2000, we have accomplished assignments in various industries. Therefore, we have good insights in different kind of roles, organizations and business areas.
Our customers represent small, medium and large corporations.

Why we are good at attracting people?

  • We understand who you are looking for. We get to know you as customer and we make sure that we have detailed knowledge about you as a company, organization, company culture, challenges etc.
  • We go deeply into the position, conditions, and expectations from both parties. We discuss in detail with the candidates, all aspects of the new potential role.
  • We keep a tight dialogue with both customers and candidates during the entire process to make sure that all questions are answered.
  • We see executive search as a craftsmanship with emphasis on providing a service with highest quality.


If the new employees are going to be successful, it is very important that:

  • They deliver on-time.
  • They feel that they have made the proper decision to work for the right company.
  • They have a successful career with you.
  • We know how you successfully can implement an Onboarding Program to secure that they stay with you and develop well in your company.

International executive search

We have a well-functioning cooperation with established professional independent recruitment firms all over the world. All with a high level of global expertise, as well as local knowledge and experience. All participating consultants in our network produce customized solutions for businesses regardless of industry or geography.

Our success is based on strong commitment, continuous exchange of knowledge and information, well-defined processes, meetings of consultants, and a well-structured working relationship in global assignments. All partners participate regularly in international meetings for knowledge exchange, skills development, and business development – this is what drives Oil and our partners.

Second opinion

When you as a customer, need to assess one or more candidates in your own recruitment process, we can be at your help with a second opinion.
A Second Opinion could be applied to both internal and external candidates. You will get a deeper and broader evaluation of the candidate’s potential, strengths, and development needs.
We use top-of-the line test tools to evaluate the candidate’s skills, personality, and motivation for the job. All to secure the match between your requirements for the position and the candidates.

We can achieve more together

Based on our strategic partnership with Kilpatrick Group, we can offer our services to Nordic companies within Aerospace & Defense.

This cooperation enables Oil to serve clients both in the Nordics and on global basis to find, attract and hire the best people to work for them. Kilpatrick Group provides board advisory services, CEO and leadership succession planning, executive search and assessment, leadership development with more than 80 consultants in 18 offices and serving 42 countries.

Aerospace and Defense

Sky Hunters integrates the Aerospace and Defense industry knowledge with the one of Human Resources. Powered by the Kilpatrick Group, Sky Hunters provides support in talent acquisition, human capital, personal and organizational development, people digital technologies. Operated by industry experts, human resource consultants, researchers and market analysts, Sky Hunters supports clients and candidates to onboard a unique Search Experience, which kicks off with the need for a new talent, or a new job, at executive level, and develops across key and vital steps of the personal and organizational development.

At Sky Hunters, we are specialized in working with companies operating in the Aerospace and Defense industry. Our industry experts, human resource consultants, researchers and market analysts are aware of the peculiarities of the A&D industry. A specialized vocabulary and culture, the internationalism of the industry, the rapid changes companies must face day-by-day, the complexity of the transactions and the long sales cycles, are some of the aspects we take into consideration during the identification of the perfect human capital.

For further information, please contact Andrea Spiriti or Stefan Forsberg


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